What We've Done

SnoQap has worked with over 45 graduate and undergraduate students across the United States to produce over 240 articles on Finance, Economics, and Politics. The average GPA of students that apply to write for us is 3.51 out of 4. We've received countless positive comments on our writers' work from employers, professors, and peers. Our selective recruiting process ensures that only motivated and dedicated students make up our team. We are very proud of the work we have done elevating student work and developing critical thinking and writing and are excited for what is on the horizon.

What Grounds Us

Our Vision

Students challenging themselves by exploring complex subjects.

Our Mission

SnoQap is a community of writers that explore topics in economics, political science, and finance. We hope to foster a greater appreciation for critical thinking.


Good Writing Takes Time

A survey by the Association of American Colleges & Universities found that writing is the most important skill for any recent graduate. And yet, many students are leaving college with inadequate writing skills. Many college professors don’t assign enough challenging or comprehensive writing assignments or offer valuable and timely feedback to each student. Plus, the students’ writing rarely leaves the classroom. Challenging writing assignments are vital in order to develop a student’s ability to write clearly, effectively, and without error.


How We Help

SnoQap hopes to solve this problem. Our editors work closely with each writer to critically challenge their thoughts and force them into clear and cohesive writing. We hope foster and acceptance of feedback from others. By working with SnoQap, our writers obtain personal and professional skills that they will carry with them, from their first jobs until retirement.

With writers from California to New York, our team is dedicated to seeing students succeed and providing them with the tools to empower them in the world.

Snoqualmie Pass, WA – 1991



In January of 2016, Alex Warfel started writing short stories each day and sharing them online with a creative writing community. He enjoyed writing and appreciated getting feedback on it. It was a hobby and he was finding that it was a good way to get better at writing.

Then Alex saw an article that one of his friends wrote for class about his work in computer science. He loved that students were sharing their ideas this way. This was the beginning of SnoQap, named after the Snoqualmie Mountain Pass just east of Seattle, where Alex grew up.


A couple weeks later, Alex asked friends to join him and they started posting weekly articles. Slowly but steadily, the number of articles on the website grew and people began taking interest.

SnoQap stems from Alex’s original process: researching, writing, and sharing student’s work. In a short amount of time, it has grown into an ambitious, versatile, and energetic community of students, brought together by their shared passion for business, economics, political science, and finance.